What is the meaning of healing?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Healing is a choice and it is something that we are all faced with in many moments of our lives. When I say that healing is a choice, I mean that you have to be open to allowing yourself to be healed. When we choose to not heal from an experience, it is a spectrum from extremely traumatic to something we felt like didn't bother us too much. We bottle emotions up or "stuff" them down to where they cannot come out. Thus, resulting in depression, anxiety, substance abuse and overall unhappiness. Our bodies natural state is to heal itself. When you fall and scrape your knee, your body automatically begins to heal itself without thought or worry. This is our natural state. Things get a little more tricky when you are dealing with the emotional self because we are not taught how to process and or heal our emotions on our own. Instead, growing up, you are told "don't cry" or "stop crying", there is shame and guilt that is built around our emotions, starting in our childhood and this shapes and molds who we are as adults. Our society has created a mirage where they tell you that there is something wrong with you if you feel a certain way. In my experience with western medicine and holistic health, there is a difference between healthcare systems. When talking to friends and love ones about western medicine, they have explained to me that when speaking with a medical health professional involving emotions, they are given pills to numb their feelings and are not worried of what the root cause may be nor try and discover what it may be. Seems as though western medicine treats the symptom and not the source. When you step into the opposite side of the spectrum, you see more holistic and alternative healing modalities. You will be asked "have you tried exercising?", "Meditating?", "cutting out energy drinks that cause the body stress and anxiety?" and so fourth. I understand the topic of mental health is broad and there are many different points of view. This is to shed light on the importance of self-care and self-healing. A personal 1st experience I had with holistic health began when I went to go see a counselor/therapist during my senior year of college. I was extremely stressed out, I was unable to balance my life (mind, body and spirit) and these factors made me extremely depressed and unhappy. I proceeded to see my counselor/therapist to seek further guidance on what I could incorporate or change in my life so that I could reach my goal of feeling more balanced in my daily life. When I met with her, she gave me a piece of paper that had a scale on it, it was a rating on what my feelings were at that time. For example: Stressed, sad, depressed, etc and I was able to choose from 1-10, how I felt for each. She noticed that I was drinking an extra large Monster, energy drink. She proceeded to ask me how many of these that I consume a day. I replied "1x per day". She went on to explain that the ingredients in these types of energy drinks contribute to stress to in the body. The energy that you feel is for a short amount of time and you can feel a heavy crash not long after. She asked me if some sort of exercise was included into my daily routine. As well as: meditation, socialization, healthy foods and mindful thinking. I was taken back by her asking me these sort of questions. I have never had anyone ask me what my daily routine was and that this could potentially be the problem. I made these very small changes that were recommended and the results were incredible! I was noticing differences within a few weeks, my mood was stabilizing, I didn't feel so "on edge" and I was able to actually enjoy my final year of college, instead of stressing my self out to no end! This was the beginning of my exploration of holistic health through my own personal experience. This was a moment of realization for me. I realized that we as humans hold this beautiful, magical power that we are 100% capable of healing ourselves. The catch is that it is a choice! There is a difference between going to your doctor and being prescribed for a symptom to cover up/numb the problem, then facing the problem and exploring why you are feeling that way. Is your body stressed because of your diet, lack of exercise, lack of meditation and/or lack of times of peace and serenity? There are certain essentials that our bodies, minds and spirits need! If there are unbalances within the human system, then this is when we experience symptoms. You have to ask yourself, honestly and truthfully... Am I living the best life that I can be? Am I giving myself the right aid and care to balance my mind, body and spirit? It could be the smallest changes in your life that can make a big difference!

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Written by: Nicole Stephens

January 19th, 2021

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