Nicole Radha Stephens
Founder of
Sea Change Holistic Healing

Intuitive Lightworker and Healer

Nicole is an intuitive lightworker that has studied and obtained a range of different healing modalities. Nicole is a Certified Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master, Certified Neo-Traditional Tantra Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Nicole's journey began with Usui/Holy Fire Reiki training in Durango, Colorado with Teresa Jantz and Seattle, Washington with the founder of Usui/Holy Fire, William Lee Rand. During this time of her Reiki training, she also studied holistic health with Trinity School of Natural Health. Not long after moving to Denver, Colorado she began her education on Tantra through Neo-Traditional Tantra school. Nicole has worked with Shamans and many enlightened healers around the world. Because of this she has become a master of her craft.

Nicole's clairvoyance allows her to see blockages within the body and can safely remove them.

She works with many Archangels, ascended masters and many light beings from the divine. This is to provide you the safest, most transformative and healing experience possible. 

My Personal Journey

I believe that conscious connection to youself is the key to walking a life of bliss and empowerment 

“It can be hard to find the light in the darkness” 

When I was a child I was free-flowing, outgoing, ecstatic, and very connected to spirit. When it was time for me to go grade school I brought my diverse ways of being into this setting and I was not accepted for who I was. I ended up changing schools because of bullying in the 4th grade. 

Not too long after starting my new public school in the 4th grade, my dad ended up passing away. I wasn’t able to fully process and feel my father's death, I felt hopeless and all alone. 

I wasn’t being accepted in most areas of my life and didn’t want anyone to get mad at me. I began to distrust my intuition and stuff my emotions down. And as I got older and continued to not be received, I would take substances and recreate myself so that I would be accepted. 

To me, being the real me only caused me pain and suffering. 

Even through this, I still always believed that there was something special hidden inside me and I just needed to find that spark. 

“Finding the light” 

My ex-partner was deeply into substance abuse so I created a deeper connection to substances. 

This led me to a rock bottom and the dark night of the soul.  

I had to make a decision. To either continue the path that I was on and possibly not make it out alive, or give myself a chance to completely start over. 

I decided to break off the relationship. 

As soon as I did, I began to start meditating and almost immediately started receiving premonitions and messages from the divine. Creating this connection once again led me to my first energy healing certification class. 

It seemed all was on the way up. But 11 days after the certification I was in a hiking accident, where I fell close to 25ft and broke my jaw, cheekbone, and pelvis all on my right side. This NDE caused me to go even deeper into myself and allowed me to give up any lingering substance abuse.  

I surrendered all substances to the divine and by the grace of God, I was able to do this without any struggle.  

“I am the light” 

After the accident because I knew there was more for me then what my current life experience was. I wanted to get free and I wanted to heal from my past traumas. I then turned to plant medicine ceremonies where I was able to release lifetimes of trauma. 

I had never imagined how much shame, guilt, and anger I was holding onto my entire life. This was all due to not being able to fully express and be myself.  

I know now that it’s not about being accepted by others, it is about accepting every single part of myself fully in order to serve others. 

I am now embracing and accepting every single part of myself in order to serve and help others to do the same.  

“The purge of old energy leads you to a clear mind, body and soul” 

I embarked on a business acclerator to put together my life's work into my own program. My original goal was to break through my own barriers in order to really make that jump into my worth and being. 

But I got much more than that. In this process, I have had to let go of shame, guilt, and all my limiters. I discovered that It’s okay to be me. It is safe, and accepting all parts of myself allows me to show up for myself, serve and help others do the same.  

I realize now that the goal has been exactly that. And that the work that I am doing for myself in full self-acceptance is creating a massive impact on those around me and the clients that I work with.  

I have stepped into being in a state of constantly receiving and expanding because we are limitless. 

I've learned to become fearless in order to obtain my vision, how to fully embrace all parts of myself, and how to consciously connect to myself in order to stay in alignment and my full expression. 

“The end of the road leads to you.  Your calling, alignment, and authenticity” 

I now take ownership that I am the creator of my own reality. 

I stand in myself even throughout the harder periods of my life. 

I am committed to: 

Staying empowered  

Getting free 

Living a life of bliss 

Being a leader  

Living a life of devotion and gratitude  

Being of service to others and the earth 

I am so excited for the light that my clients will shine and shift for those around them and the continuum of connection to conscious creation and connection to others.  

This is my work, this is my life and this is my purpose.