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Disclaimer: All healing sessions take place virtually. Failure to cancel at least 24 hours before scheduled session will result in being charged in full with no refund. We do not claim to cure any ailments or diseases. Please still refer to your primary care physician.

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Sea Change 
Intuitive Healing Session

$111-$222 depending on healing

Remote Intuitive Healing Session, clairvoyant healer Nicole Stephens removes blockages within the body that hold you back from moving forward.

Your energetic field and energy centers will be cleared and energized to their highest. Removal of energetic cords from this life and past lives as well. 

This is a complete mind, body and soul cleanse and reset. Has a positive influence on your entire existence and being.

I am able to remove dark energies, curses, clear and heal past life trauma and help women with fertility issues. 

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