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Sea Change Holistic Healing
-Energy Healing and mentorship-


A Path to Awakening 

You won't settle less than your own divine essence

You’re the type of person who wants to heal in order to help to heal others

You find yourself seeking constant inner growth and expansion.

You're left wondering how to be fully aligned with yourself in order to help with the suffering of others.

If you dare admit it, you sometimes self sabotage your own progress

Leaving you discouraged, drained and out of touch

I provide a space that allows you to open up, express yourself and unfold to the realization of transformations that you are seeking.

I show you how to effectively break through barriers in all areas of your life through radical self-acceptance.

I will show you that all that you are is divine and perfect. 

You will discover that your path to self-realization releases you from suffering 

You won't settle less than your own divine essence 

You will walk through life aligned and with purpose

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Experience Bliss

Walk through life aligned and with purpose

You are here to create a life of bliss, empowerment, and freedom without the past patterning of self-sabotaging your own progress and feeling drained and out of touch

Bliss Intensive Details:

  • 5 month intensive 

  • Transformational Healings

  • Mentorship

  • Education on Ego, shadow, past programming and how stay aligned

  • Application process and commitment to transformations required

*Schedule a call more more details


Sea Change 
Healing Session


Your energetic field and energy centers will be cleared and energized to their highest.

This is a complete mind, body and soul cleanse and reset. Has a positive influence on your entire existence and being.

I received a healing recently from Nikki and was shocked at how powerful it was. While she was working on me I could feel the cords that she was pulling out, and I started getting downloads about why they were there, which is something I’ve never experienced before. She was completely spot on with her intuition and is an extremely powerful healer. She doesn’t let ego get in the way and is humble enough to allow spirit to guide her through most of her process. Throughout the session I let go of things that I didn’t even know I was holding on to, and have felt much lighter and more connected to who I truly am. I highly recommend going to Nikki for energy work!!


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